Melissa Ellen Gilbert Plastic Surgery Photos

Melissa Ellen Gilbert is a very popular American actress. Apart from acting is also an excellent TV director. Melissa Ellen Gilbert was born on 8th May in the year 1964 in Los Angeles. She started her career as an actress at a very early age and appeared in various TV ads.

She also did guest roles on numerous TV shows. She also starred in hit movies like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker. When she grew up she carried on her acting carrier.


From the year 2009 to 2010 she played the role of Caroline “Ma” Ingalls in the touring production of Little House on the Prairie, the Musical.

She has also done voicing for animated movies like Batman: The Animated Series. Melissa Gilbert has been married twice and is a mother of 2 children.

She is a very talented actress and is known for her looks all over the world. She is now 50 years old and at this age plastic surgery rumours are bound to arise sooner or later and reports of her having undergone plastic surgery procedures seemed to have surfaced.

So the question is whether Melissa Gilbert has really undergone plastic surgery procedures or the reports suggesting that false.

Melissa Ellen Gilbert Plastic Surgery Procedures


Upon comparing the before and after images of Melissa Gilbert fans around the world are quite sure that she has in fact gone under the knife. The cosmetic surgery procedures that Melissa Ellen Gilbert is speculated to have undergone includes Cheek augmentation, Botox injections, Breast augmentation, Face lift and also Lip fillers.

Even though Melissa is now 50 years old when you look at her face in the images there appear to be no wrinkles. Her skin around the neck region is not drooping and that is why most people speculate that she has undergone procedure such as Botox injections and also a face lift. These procedures are very common and almost all celebrities of this age undergo them.


She is also speculated to have had breast augmentation because the size of her breasts has increased over the years and they are in perfect shape. Her lips also appear to be fuller than before and thus lip fillers have also been speculated.

Most of Melissa’s fans do not seem happy about her decision to go under the knife because they feel she looked much better before she underwent the procedures and that her face now appears to be plastic and artificial rather than natural.

Melissa like most celebrities around the world has never spoken to the media about the speculation and nor has anyone close to her ever said anything related to the matter and thus there is no way to actually prove that the rumours are true.

So until and unless Melissa Gilbert decides to come out in the open and speak up about her cosmetic procedures, fans from across the globe will continue to wonder whether the rumours related to her plastic surgery procedures are actually true or not.

Jennifer Lopez Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos


Image Credit: Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

It would be quiet surprising if you haven’t heard of Jennifer Lopez before but in case you haven’t note that is a really popular American actress and singer. Apart from that she is also a successful fashion designer and producer and is known for her looks all over the world.


Jennifer Lopez was born on24th July in the year 1969. She began her career as an actress in the TV show Living in the Colour. In this show her role was of a dancer. Her first movie was Selena.

Some of the other well-known movies in which Jennifer Lopez has starred are The Backup plan, Anaconda, The wedding planner, Maid in Manhattan Shall we dance, The cell and also the very popular Monster-in –law. While acting in movies she also began a career as a singer and her songs are quite famous all over the globe.


Some of her most hit numbers are All I have, I’m real, Waiting for tonight, On the floor, Love don’t cost a thing and also I’m into you. In the year 2006 she got married to Marc Anthony. She is a mother of twins. The marriage didn’t last long and they ended up splitting. She’s know to have used breast enhancement creams like Brestrogen along with an enhancement surgery.

Recently there were reports that Jennifer Lopez had undergone plastic surgery procedures to preserve her looks and since she is aging it would be hard to disagree. So the question is whether Jennifer Lopez has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or not.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Procedures


The rumour that Jennifer Lopez has undergone plastic surgery procedures took off after a plastic surgeon from London known as Ayham Al-Ayoubi tweeted about how good Jennifer Lopez still looks.

He suggested that even though she still looks amazing her face seemed quite plastic. To make his point clear he then posted a before and after image of Jennifer Lopez.


When other people from around the world saw the images they noticed that the only difference in the 2 images was of make-up. In one image she was wearing make-up and in the other one she wasn’t and it was because of this mistake that the plastic surgeon from London came under a lot of fire and in the end he had to make an apology on her statement to make the issue go away.

If you ever ask Jennifer Lopez about going under the knife to enhance or preserve her looks all you will get is a flat refusal. In an interview she refused that she would ever want to under knife in order to look young and also said that she was ageing gracefully.

Jennifer Lopez is not the only Hollywood star to deny undergoing any kind of plastic surgery procedures. Various other actors and actress such as Julia Roberts etc. have also gone on to deny speculations that they have gone under the knife.


So as long as there is no official confirmation, fans round all over the world will continue to ask question related to Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgeries.

Gretchen Rossi Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

If you watch a lot of TV shows you would have definitely heard of Gretchen Rossi. In case you haven’t heard of her but would like to know more note that Gretchen Rossi was born on 30th October in the year 1978 and is a very well-known TV personality and has starred is some hit TV shows over the years.


She came into the spotlight after her role in the TV show real housewives of orange county (RHOC). She acted in the series from season 4 to season 8. Apart from that she also starred in the A-list awards and 2011 New Now Awards.

As many of you might already know Gretchen Rossi is now in her late 30s and when Hollywood actresses and TV personalities reach that age rumours have them having undergone plastic surgery procedures are bound to rise and so is the case with Gretchen Rossi too.


So the question is whether Gretchen Rossi has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it not true is something everyone seems to wonder.

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Procedures


People around the world have compared older images of Gretchen Rossi to the ones taken off late and have come to the conclusion that she has in fact gone under the knife in order to preserve her looks.

Read on:

The images do have a lot of differences and it is because of these differences that people speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures like a rhinoplasty, Lip surgery, eye surgery, Botox injections, Breast augmentation and also cosmetic dental procedures.

Gretchen-Rossi-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After (1)

A rhinoplasty which is a procedure done on the nose and is also known as the Nose job is speculated because her nose appears thinner than it did before. The nose job she has undergone does enhance her looks.

It is also known that she started taking spin classes (Read about the Best spin bikes) to shed some weight for her next movie.

Lip surgery is speculated because her lips appear to be fuller than in previous years. An eye surgery is speculated because upon comparing pics you will notice that her eyes now appear to be slightly droopier on the left side than they did before.


It is because of the smoothness on her forehead that many people speculate that she has received Botox injections too. Even her teeth now appear to be a lot whiter in colour than before suggesting that she may have undergone some dental procedures too. Apart from all this even breast augmentation is speculated and the reason for that is because her breasts appear to be bigger than they did few years ago.

An interesting thing about Gretchen Rossi is that so far she has only accepted to have received Botox injection. She says it helps her get rid of wrinkles and keeps her face smooth giving her a more youthful look and thus she is quite happy getting them.


As far as other procedures are concerned she has denied undergoing any of them. So until she comes out and accepts undergoing the above mentioned procedures too, fans around the world will continue to ask whether Gretchen Rossi has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not.

Mike Jeffries Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Many of you may not have heard the name Mike Jeffries before but in case you want to know who he is note that Mike Jeffries is not a Hollywood actor or TV personality in fact he is an American businessman. Mike Jeffries was the CEO Abercrombie & Fitch Co. till 9th December 2014.

Mike-Jeffries-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After (1)

Mike Jeffries was born on 15th June in the year 1944 and is the son of Shirley and Donald R. Jeffries. He was born in Oklahoma but was raised in the LA, California.

As you may already know Mike Jeffries is now in his 60s and even though he may not be a Hollywood star there have been a quite a lot of rumours that he may still have undergone various plastic surgery procedures in order to either maintain his look or to enhance them to appear better.


So the question is whether Mike Jeffries has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related it just baseless speculation.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Procedures

When you compare older images of Mike Jeffries to the ones that have been taken fairly recently you will that there actually a lot of changes to talk about. Many experts around the world believe that Mike Jeffries may have gone under the knife and gotten the following procedure done.

A face lift, Botox injections, Lip filler, brow lift and a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the procedure performed on the nose to alter its looks and is also known as the Nose Job.Mike-Jeffries-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After

Lip fillers are hardly ever done by the men in case of Mike Jeffries it is speculated because his lips look fuller and larger than they did before. Since Mike Jeffries is in his 70s you would expect him to have wrinkles on his face but in truth his face looks quite smooth.

Many people speculate that the reason he may not have any wrinkles is because he may have gotten Botox injections. He is suspected to have gotten Botox in various areas of his face such as the temple and areas around his lips.

Getting Botox would help him hide the wrinkles and make him look younger. As far as the rhinoplasty goes it is speculated that this procedure he may have gotten done in the initial years when might have tried to enhance his looks for the first time.Mike-Jeffries-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After (2)

One thing is quite certain, Mike Jeffries plastic surgeries haven’t been as successful as some of the other celebrities but it has not gone horribly wrong for him either plus you need to keep in mind that Mike Jeffries is quite old now and some changes have occurred due to natural changes and thus one should not attribute all the changes to plastic surgery procedures.

Mike Jeffries has himself never come out and accepted these rumours thus there is no way to be sure about it. So till the time there is no hard evidence to go by whether Mike Jeffries has undergone plastic surgeries or not is a question people will continue to ask.

Mary Louise Parker Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Many of you may already be familiar with the name Mary Louise Parker but in case you aren’t and want to know more about her note that she is a very well-known Hollywood actress and has loads of fans everywhere. Mary Louise Parker was born on 2nd August in the year 1964.

She came into the spotlight after her role as Nancy Botwin in the hit TV show Weeds. In the year 2006 she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She has worked in various hit movies and TV shows such as RED, RED 2, Fried Green Tomatoes, Boys on the Side, The West Wing.


It is for her role in the movie Angels in America that she received a Golden globe and also an Emmy Award for best supporting actress. She also won the Tony award for best actress in the year 2001 for her role in the Broadway play Proof.

Mary Louise Parker is now 50 years old and thus it not shocking to hear that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedure to maintain her youthful looks.


So the question is whether Mary Louise Parker has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related it just pure speculation.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Procedures


When you compare old images of Mary Louise Parker to the ones that have been taken recently you will notice quite a lot of changes. Many people after comparing images speculate that she may have undergone various plastic surgery procedures like Botox, chemicals peels etc.

A chemical peel is the process which does not really require a surgery as such. Chemical Peels helps you get rid of the sign of ageing. Chemical peels give you the best results when you get it done along with Botox injections.

It to some extent retains the natural look of your face giving you a younger look. Apart from these facial procedures many people speculate that Mary Louise Parker may have also undergone a boob job.

An interesting thing here is that her boobs don’t look larger than they did before instead their shape looks to have changes. They appear to be perkier than it did in previous years. Speculations state that she might have used breast enhancement products like breast actives instead of going for surgery but that’s a doubtful theory.

As women age their breasts do become loose and saggy and there is a good chance that’s the reason why Mary Louise Parker decided to under procedure to alter the shape of her breasts.

Well one thing is quite certain, even if she has actually gone under the knife to maintain her looks the procedures have been done quite well and they do make her look younger and in no case are an example of a plastic surgery gone wrong.

Mary Louise Parker has never spoken to the media about having undergone plastic surgery procedures and nor has anyone related to the surgery done so. So there is no good evidence as far.

So till the time no one comes out and speaks about it, whether Mary Louise Lane has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not is a question many will continue to as.