About the Foundation

Fist_Art FOUNDATION seeks to promote, educate, and foster understanding of contemporary art and its relationship with nature through public art projects, community based programs and educational initiatives.

Founded in 2008 by Carolina Stubbe, Fist_Art is a non-profit organization nestled in the beautiful and expansive grounds of Dorado, Puerto Rico. It’s mission is to develop site-specific artworks and educational programs that address our changing relationship to nature, while offering renewed understanding of our environment. The natural landscape of Dorado serves as the ideal location to increase awareness on the concept of Land Art, which includes ephemeral site-specific proposals, ecological activism and remediation projects. Fist_Art FOUNDATION additionally works towards becoming a major reference point on both a national and international level, in the creation of cultural community projects that encourage scholarly research, documentation, education and international exchange. The Foundation’s activities include exhibitions, educational initiatives in the classroom, publications, and lectures with prominent artists and art professionals.

carolina stubbe

vice president
federico stubbe

board of directors
otto reyes
luz celenia castellano
louis christiansen
edith hunt de lópez
cristina trápaga

the team
mimi Beale_liason and administrative assistant
karina Del Mar_website and writing editor
luis Rodriguez Rosario_main graphic designer.
carlos rodríguez_projects assistant